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ModdedVerse is a Minecraft server with custom stuff, like items, mobs and much more. ModdedVerse was first established by M1xed and bwteak on July 30, 2019. Originally named Kaivoskuilu. We have been developing ModdedVerse ever since. We currently have four staff members: M1xed, bwteak, Tuinierder and Otsy. If you are interested in what we do, feel free to join our discord.

Meet the team

M1xed (also known as Miksu) is the owner and founder of ModdedVerse. He's the head developer, designer and he gets the best ideas.
bwteak is the co-owner and founder of ModdedVerse. He's the head builder, programmer and a content wizard.
Tuinierder is the programmer of the server. He helps a lot with game design and he is always eager to learn new stuff.
Otsy is the moderator of the server. He makes sure everyone is nice and plays by the rules.

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